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Saturday, October 2, 2010

3rd Blog

Today is Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.  I have not made a new blog in a few days, so I am going to  make one.  I have five or six followers now which I am thankful for.  When I made the last blog, I had zero followers.  Thank you guys for looking at my blog! 

This week in sports, the Milwaukee Brewers have been on fire winning like 7 out of last 9 games.  Of course they get hot when it doesn't make a difference!  What is interesting is that the Brewers this year have three guys over 100 RBI's which only the New York Yankees this year have accomplished as well.  This stat shows itself that the Brewers were there on the offensive side but their pitching was lackluster this season.  Prince Fielder is going to be gone next season so hopefully we can get a few good pitchers instead for him.  We will have to see next year!  As for the Packers, that was pathetic.  We lost to the Bears which neither team looked that great.  We had 17 or 18 penalties which was the most in quite some time.   The penalties were the game, if we didn't have say five of those penalties, we would have easily won the game.

Okay on to music.  This weekend I listened to a lot of Linkin Park.  I have thier new CD A Thousand Suns, and my favorite song on it is Blackout.  Here is the link to listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZyDiuzpHCg

As for gaming goes this week, today in WoW i finally got my red-proto drake which I just wasn't really going for, but I only had a few achievements to get, so I asked a few guildies and now it is done.  This week I raided 25 man for the first time in a few months, and we were doing all heroic bosses.  We were trying heroic Sindragosa but we did not have the dps for that boss.

Overall this week was great, I had a trig test in school and an essay that I had to do, but in the end it was a great week.

Thank you for reading.

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